“Ideal CyberGirl?”

There is no such thing as an “Ideal CyberGirl”

The CyberGirls Fellowship application process is deliberately tailored to consider each applicant as a unique and whole person. This enables us to carefully seek out individuals who are passionate and dedicated to breaking barriers and equipping themselves with the required skills to begin their careers in cybersecurity, improve their local communities and seize work opportunities in Africa and across the world.

About CyberGirls Fellowship

CyberGirls Fellowship is a free 1-year program that equips
girls and women aged 18 – 28 years old with globally sought-after cybersecurity skills, positioning them to start a career in cybersecurity and helping them to seize work opportunities within Africa and across the world.

During the one-year duration of this fellowship, you will be given hands-on cybersecurity training, and mentorship, become certification-ready, and possibly get paid internship/job shadowing opportunities.

This initiative aims to improve the socio-economic well-being of girls and women living in underserved communities in Africa and contribute to fighting poverty & cybercrime, cybersecurity skills shortage, and gender disparity in the tech industry (particularly cybersecurity niche); as well as fighting unemployment/underemployment.

This project is organized by Cybersafe Foundation and funded through sponsorships, partnerships, and financial and in-kind support from well-meaning individuals and organizations.

Application Guide

Ready to move from a cybersecurity novice to a global professional?

CyberGirls Fellowship welcomes applicants from all over Africa. Do you desire to benefit from the CyberGirls experience? Kickstart your journey by checking if you meet the eligibility criteria.

You can be a part of the fellowship if you :

Contact the CyberGirls Admissions Team

If you have any questions on the admission process please refer to the FAQs. If you still need to contact us, send an email to our admissions team at [email protected] or call us on +234 815 7589 260